Welcome to our Mustad Dealer Webshop:

We invite you to read this tutorial for more information on how to utilize our new Digital Shop with the goal to improve our ordering process and to make it as transparent and easy as possible for you.

If you have any suggestions, questions or improvements please contact Customer Service and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Mustad Hoofcare Team



1. Start
2. Language settings
3. Navigation menu
4. Filters
5. Search
6. Overview of orders
7. Favorite list of products
8. Upload csv file
9. Place order
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1. Start
1) As the prices on the Mustad webshop will only be visible for our
direct customers you need to be given a login account to see the
prices. To receive this login to be able to enter the Mustad
webshop and see the prices, please request your login via your
sales manager.

2) If you have received your login please go to
https://shop.mustad.com and login with your received

3) Did you already received your credentials but forgot your
password? Simply click on Forgot Your Password?, fill in your
email address on the given webpage and you will be receive a
link in your email to reset your password.

2. Language
On the top right you will be able to select the language of your choice:
English, French or German
All product descriptions will be available in these 3 different

3. Navigation menu
You will find on the top of the page our navigation menu with the following subjects to
choose from: horseshoes, hoofnails, Rasps, Tools, Care and Contact. If you run with your
mouse over one of these subjects a specified menu of this subject will drop down so you
can easily navigate to the specific product family you are looking for.
Please take a look at this video to guide you on navigating through the website to add a
product to your cart.

4. Filters
After clicking on a specific product family, an additional function will appear:
“Show Filters”

This function ‘Filters’ can help you search for products on specific features of the product,
like; section, thickness, sizes, head type, punch, etc.
This video is showing you how the function FILTERS can help you search for certain

5. Search
On the top of the website you will find in the middle the search engine of the shop.
Click in this space you can type the name or part of the name of the product you are
looking for.

It is very convenient to use this functionality as it searches for the given term in all
products added to this webshop.
For example: if you type in concave, you will get the following list of products:
This video shows how the search engine can help you select specific products.

6. Overview of orders – and reordering
When you would like to see an overview of all your recent orders, you can go to “My
account”. This you can find on the top right, just under the language button and next to
the “logout” button.
Please click on “My account” and you’ll be directed to the page called “My dashboard”.
On this page you will find all your stored contact information, like company name, billing
and shipping address, but on top of the page you will see a list of your recent orders called
“My orders”.
Per order you have 2 choices: “View order” or “Reorder”.
If you click on View order you will find an overview of this specific order and the current
status. If you click on Reorder, all products of this order will be added to your cart (see top

right). You will always be able to change the (amounts per) products in your cart until the
moment you order them.
Please see this video for a demo on how you can view your orders and how you can
reorder products.

7. Favorite list of products
In the Mustad Webshop it is possible to create your own favorite list of products. This can
help you to be able to quickly order products you need on a regular basis.
Please go to “My account” and see on the left side the menu and click on “My favorites”.
When you are in the “My favorites” menu you will be able to create your own folders.
We strongly recommend to create folders that are similar with the menu structure of the
webshop. So if you create in your favorites folders like “horseshoes, hoofnails, rasps, tools
and care” it will be easy for you to find certain products also via the regular menu

How to create new folders in “My favorites” and how you can use this list to your
advantage is shown in this video.

8. Upload csv file
Another possibility to add products to your cart is to upload a csv file.
To be able to do this you need to click on the shopping cart on the bottom right.

You will enter the following page by clicking on the shopping cart:
Please download the template for the CSV file to make sure the final upload will succeed.
Depending on the language you have set you will get the CSV in your language.

9. Place order
When you have added all the products that you would like to order to your shopping cart,
you can click on the shopping cart on the top right and the following overview will be
shown and you are able to “place your order” by clicking on the bottom right button:

After clicking on the “Place order now” button the following screen will appear for you:

10. Contact on the Mustad webshop
In case you have specific questions regarding the Mustad webshop please contact our
Customer Service in Lelystad via email ordershoofcare@mustad.com or by phone +31 320 211420

Thank you very much for using our Mustad webshop and we really appreciate your
feedback at anytime to improve our service to you.

Best regards,

Mustad Hoofcare Team

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